Our Team

Amit Pinjani

Amit Pinjani joined LEI as a summer associate in 2007 and continued working as a part-time Consultant with the firm along with pursuing his MBA. He joined as a full-time Consultant with LEI in December 2008, was promoted to Senior Consultant in December 2009 and to Managing Consultant in October 2013. Prior to LEI, he was working as an Analyst for the Investment Banking Division at Citigroup Pakistan where he assisted on capital market transactions and sell-side M&A deals. Amit’s exposure to the energy sector began during his stay at Eni (previously Lasmo Oil) in 2004-2005, where he worked as a Graduate Economist, modeling the economics of various internal projects, and assisting senior management in economic and project evaluation of oil and gas reserves. Amit has been deeply involved with LEI’s international engagements in Saudi Arabia and the rest of Middle East along with North America, particularly in Canada. He has worked on various regulatory advisory projects in addition to assisting on energy litigation support and asset valuation projects with the firm.

Amit has also recently started managing Ampersand Hydro’s existing portfolio of assets, including tasks associated with business development and product marketing (such as net metering). In his role as Director (Asset Management), Amit performs detailed economic analyses, conducts financial and technical due diligence, and assesses risks associated with potential acquisitions. Amit remains an employee of LEI, and performs his role pursuant to a long term contract between LEI and Ampersand Hydro.