Strategy & Management Consulting

Strategy and Management Consulting

London Economics International LLC’s unmatched understanding of the evolution of competitive power and infrastructure markets enables creation of tailor-made solutions to each client’s strategic challenges. Our approach is based on fundamental economic drivers, shaped by a detailed understanding of regulatory and market structures.

Unlike generalist strategic consultants, London Economics International LLC has played an integral role in the development of competitive power markets worldwide. Our ability to provide relevant industry benchmarks helps companies adjust their practices to improve performance. We know how unbundling affects revenues, how gaming behavior impacts prices, how contracts can be struck to incentivize operators, and how to convince regulators to provide a level playing field. Each of these elements can impact future profitability.

As more and more parts of the value chain in the electric power sector become open to competition, the ability to draw upon experience in other industries becomes more important. Through its global strategy practice, London Economics International LLC is able to integrate knowledge from many industries in the infrastructure and service fields. From telecommunications to health care, London Economics International LLC has carefully tracked the dynamics of competitive transition. Cross-fertilization among industries allows London Economics International LLC to provide clients with wider horizons and a greater understanding of international best practices.

We assist clients in addressing some of the most pressing strategic issues in the industry, including:

  • Should we take a proactive or defensive approach to restructuring efforts within our service territory? What are the implications of unbundling on corporate structure?
  • What is the role of wholesale power marketing operations in developing risk management capabilities? How does volatility in wholesale power markets affect profitability?
  • Do we need to have an international investment strategy? How can we assure that lessons from foreign markets are diffused throughout our organization?
  • How can we cost-effectively assemble profitable national and regional generation portfolios? How important is critical mass to future profits?
  • Is development of a retail supply operation likely to be profitable?
  • How will renewables and climate change impact our business?