About Us

We are a team of economic consultants who are dedicated and passionate about helping our clients navigate competitive electricity markets worldwide. Learn more about how we can help you.

London Economics International LLC (“LEI”) is a global economic, financial, and strategic advisory professional services firm specializing in energy, water, and infrastructure. The firm combines detailed understanding of specific network and commodity industries, such as electricity generation and distribution, with sophisticated analysis and a suite of proprietary quantitative models to produce reliable and comprehensible results.

The firm also has in-depth expertise in many economic and financial issues related to the power, gas, and water sectors, such as asset valuation, procurement, regulatory economics, and market design and analysis. LEI has done extensive work with electricity markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and has a comprehensive understanding of the issues faced by utilities and regulators alike.

The following attributes make LEI unique:
  • clear, readable deliverables grounded in substantial topical and quantitative evidence;
  • internally developed proprietary models for electricity price forecasting incorporating game theory, real options valuation, Monte Carlo simulation, and sophisticated statistical techniques;
  • balance of private sector and governmental clients enables LEI to effectively advise both regarding the impact of regulatory initiatives on private investment and the extent of possible regulatory responses to individual firm actions;
  • ability to estimate relative efficiency levels and efficiency frontiers provides expertise to advise on network tariffs and design rates under performance-based ratemaking; and
  • worldwide experience backed by multilingual and multicultural staff.