Water and Wastewater Markets and Networks

LEI has a wealth of experience creating integrated wholesale electricity market simulations to identify beneficiaries and quantify the costs and benefits from proposed transmission lines. In addition to our array of proprietary quantitative models, LEI’s staff has in-depth industry experience across North America, with a strong focus on the United States and Canada. Members of our team have also testified for state policymakers, regulators, and siting organizations on transmission rate-setting, and transmission policy design.
LEI’s experience in the UK and international markets provides a unique foundation for our services to private sector investors in the water industry worldwide. In the UK, our Global Alliance partners have advised major regional water companies during their periodic rate reviews.
Globally, we have assisted multilateral agencies, advising on the creation of regulatory regimes for the water industry and on promoting investment in water infrastructure. In the US, LEI provides strategic support to investors, including reviews of potential opportunities, discussions of relative profitability, and assessment of regulatory regimes. In addition, we monitor the potential for new developments, such as the establishment of water markets, new desalination technologies, and water exports to create profit opportunities.
Sample engagements include modeling future revenues for a US desalination plant, as well as developing a detailed, long-term, cost-reflective tariff model for a large Middle Eastern multi-utility, including charges for potable and wastewater. LEI can assist municipal water utilities in developing fully cost-reflective tariffs and determining cost of service for various customer classes.