A functional and efficient power industry is recognized as a key pillar for economic development and a transformative engine to meet basic social and economic needs. Over the past two decades, many emerging nations across the African continent have been in the process of reforming their electricity sectors to boost electrification and access to affordable, secured, and sustainable electricity.
LEI’s work in Africa has been focused on providing technical assistance across all aspects of the energy sector to build coherent, transparent, strong, and resilient power systems that can stimulate economic and social development. Our team advises government entities, regulatory authorities and utilities across Africa on matters including institutional and regulatory frameworks, tariff design methodology, and strategic planning. Our work with governments is centered around the empowerment of public agencies and public companies with the tools, the training workshops, and the resources to carry out their mandates.

In addition, for various international development agencies and private sector clients, LEI has carried out feasibility studies for development of power infrastructure projects, and served as market advisor on commercial transactions.

We have worked in many countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, Southern and East-Central Africa. This includes:


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