Energy Transformation

Addressing climate change while maintaining affordability and reliability across the energy sector is one of the most important challenges facing leaders today. LEI’s commitment to objectivity, creativity, and comprehensiveness enables us to wield experienced teams dedicated to tackling the problem.
Whether the engagement involves creating an electric or natural gas grid of the future, integrating distributed energy resources, determining spot price formation in a predominantly zero-marginal cost world, electrification of transportation and heating, or examining the role of storage and demand response in balancing renewables, LEI professionals have the experience and insights to provide strategies and analysis to facilitate the transition to a cleaner, net zero energy system.
LEI performed a comprehensive “grid of the future” study for a major New England utility that was looking to develop a strategic roadmap to best position itself within the changing technological and industrial landscape of the future grid. LEI conducted a meta-survey of industry views on the future of the grid for the next decade, identified dimensions for evaluation (which included conducting a review of emerging technologies and the regulator’s response to grid of the future), and created a Baseline Scenario and designed several Business Case scenarios based on the most important uncertainties and opportunities.