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LEI White Paper debunks sixteen common myths about transmission investment

BOSTON, September 12, 2017 – London Economics International LLC (“LEI”)’s White Paper entitled The Truth About the Need for Electric Transmission Investment: Sixteen Myths Debunked was released today by WIRES. In this White Paper, LEI identifies sixteen “myths” surrounding key factors impacting investment decisions in the electric transmission sector.

“Myths occur because transmission investment analysis is complex and multi-faceted. But, decision-makers do not typically have the time to indulge in reviewing all of this complicated analysis. In our fast-paced world, the reasons for a decision are frequently distilled down to a few soundbites. But this process of simplification can lead to misconceptions about the true factors that drive transmission investment,” says Julia Frayer, Managing Director of LEI and lead author of the report.

In this White Paper, LEI examines real-life examples of transmission investment and uses them to debunk common myths related to the key drivers of investment such as electric demand, electric supply, and market alternatives to transmission. LEI also looks at myths surrounding the costs and benefits of new transmission. To combat these misconceptions and further propagation of myths, LEI also offers practical recommendations for decision-makers in order to more fully take advantage of beneficial transmission investment opportunities in the future.

LEI’s full study is available on the WIRES website at

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